Dusty Green Bones Band 1

Dusty Green Bones Band @ 6:45

Dusty Green Bones Band pushes the boundaries of bluegrass by mixing it with rock n roll, psychedelic, Americana, folk, outlaw country, even African hi life. Each member has their own style but they blend together perfectly. They feed off of each other's differences to create new style and sound. They offer variety, whereas most bands tend to stick to their comfort zones. 



EDM 2015b 1

Eight Dollar Mountain @ 5:00

Eight Dollar Mountain serves up high-energy, traditionally-inspired bluegrass for audiences up and down the West Coast. Their hard-driving rhythm pulls you onto the dance floor, with a clear, purposeful sound reflecting the roots of mountain music, blues, and old time country. Eight Dollar Mountain sounds familiar, like the tunes coming from grandpa’s back porch, yet their energy carries the tradition of bluegrass into the 21st century.



Brothers Reed 2a

Brothers Reed @ 3:15

Despite their brotherhood, Aaron and Phil Reed didn’t start playing music together until two years ago after Phil left their hometown of St. Charles, Missouri to join Aaron in the unsullied mountains of the American Northwest. The brothers family blend of folk encapsulates the grit and humor of Midwest life with the swagger and serenity of the west coast. Their style evokes finger picking folk singers of the 60’s and 70’s with a contemporary and boundless edge. Cultivated from years of performing in bands ranging from heavy metal to reggae and rock, to punk, country, and funk, their musical dichotomy is at the root of their diverse yet seamless folk-brand.



Waking Hazel w goats

Waking Hazel @ 1:30

Waking Hazel is a five-piece band specializing in bluegrass/folk/country/Americana/roots music. The band has been actively playing for audiences around the Rogue Valley for the past couple of years.

   Each member of the band contributes instrumentally with Dave Brendlinger primarily on mandolin, Rachel Buklad primarily on banjo, Michael Lindgren on upright bass, Bekkah McAlvage (our newest Hazel!) on guitar and Jessie Monter on Fiddle. With three females and two males all contributing to vocals for the group, the combinations of leads and harmonies varies as widely as their song selection.

   Live Waking Hazel shows can range from fast and furious bluegrass songs to old time fiddle tunes; mournful ballads to modern Americana songs, all with various choreography around mics depending on the singing configuration.

   Catch Waking Hazel at a venue, winery or festival somewhere in the Rogue Valley and don’t forget to ask us “Who is Hazel?”.




Jack Attack a

Jack Attack @ 12:30

Jack Attack is a high energy group of Rogue Valley High Schoolers -- Keaton & Ben Jahn of Rogue River (fiddle), Jack Diab of Ashland (upright bass) and Daniel Schlosser of Medford (guitar).